The internet is full of strange words; here are a few that you might find useful.

Blog: short for web log - an online diary. 

Copywriting: making the words sound right.

Domain Name: the name of your website, e.g. 

Google: a commonly used search engine - people enter keywords to find websites containing information they want.

Hosting: your website needs to be kept on a central computer which then hosts it and ensures it is available on the internet to anyone who is looking for it.

Hyperlink: a way of connecting to another website or online document, usually by clicking on a relevant word or image.

ISP: Internet Service Provider - the company that provides your internet access (e.g. Tiscali)

URL: Universal Resource Locator - basically the same as the website name, so anyone can find your site.

Website Content Management: editing and updating the basic information of a website but not the main design or outline of the site.

www: world wide web, the internet, the net

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