We want to be upfront with you about our pricing.  We have low overheads and we are professional and experienced which makes it quick and easy for us to give you the kind of site you want.  Our competitive prices include:

  • A domain name (.co.uk, .org, .org.uk, etc.) which we can discuss with you to ensure it matches your needs.  
    A .com domain name tends to cost more but if you'd prefer that we can also arrange that for you.

  • Unlimited emails using your domain name (e.g. info@yourcompany.co.uk, chris@yourcompany.co.uk).

  • Free web and email hosting for a year.

  • Free help, advice and support for a year.

  • We'll make sure the text you provide is "polished" by our copywriter, 
    or we can provide full body text (costs depend on how much you want!).

  • We'll edit and add your own images, or we can help you find or produce suitable images.

  • Free minor updates for a year (e.g. updating small amounts of text, changing a picture).

1 page: 250 - a web presence may be all that you want.  

5 pages: 500 - your home page and a bit more.

10 pages: 700 - a full website to cover everything you need.

Registered charity? Page AND Pixel will give you a 50 discount so that you can continue to support your cause.
Want more? 50 for an extra page, or look at our Logos and Artwork section.
Not sure what all the technical words mean?  Look in our glossary.

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